Home Yoga Simhasana (Lion Pose): Methods to Do, Advantages & Precautions

Simhasana (Lion Pose): Methods to Do, Advantages & Precautions

Simhasana (Lion Pose): Methods to Do, Advantages & Precautions


simhasana (lion pose)
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Simhasana is a fundamental seated yogic posture. It’s popularly recognized by its English title, lion pose. It’s a distinctive beginner-level asana. It requires the practitioner to make a sound like a lion whereas holding the pose.

It targets stretching and strengthening the muscle groups of the backbone, wrists, quadriceps, and knees.

Simhasana gives soothing results to eyes, ears, nostril, throat, and mouth. It’s helpful in lowering frustration and emotional stress. This asana helps in delaying growing old.

That means and Interpretation

Simhasana is its Sanskrit title having two root phrases, ‘Simha’ means ‘lion’, and ‘asana’ is ‘pose.’ The asana additionally requires the practitioner to create a roaring sound.

It’s carried out with sitting on the knees and palms. It requires the practitioner to open the mouth and stick the tongue out. With a deep exhalation, the roaring sound is generated by the yogi.

The ultimate posture together with the sound resembles a roaring lion, therefore the title. It’s a highly effective asana to enhance speech defects like stuttering and develops a transparent voice. It additionally helps in lowering stress and frustration.

Simhasana Apply Information

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Precautions & Contraindications

  • In case you have weak wrists then carry out simhasana asana sitting in vajrasana, don’t put your arms on the ground.
  • Don’t observe this asana for greater than three minutes.
  • By no means observe simhasana with a damaged or injured knee or ankle.
  • Keep away from performing this asana with an harm within the face, neck, or tongue.

Preparatory poses

Methods to Do Simhasana (Steps)

  1. Start with sitting in Vajrasana.
  2. Unfold your knees extensive aside maintaining the toes of each toes touching one another.
  3. Deliver your palms to the ground between your knees.
  4. Flip your fingertips in the direction of you bringing the wrist outward.
  5. Sustaining the integrity of the backbone preserve your chest open.
  6. Shift the physique weight on the wrists draw your head backward.
  7. Shut your eyes and keep there to get snug.
  8. Open your eyes and set your gaze on the eyebrows heart.
  9. Inhale slowly and deeply, then convey your tongue out in the direction of your chin as you exhale.
  10. Produce a sound of “aah” out of your throat as you exhale.
  11. Shut the mouth additional as you exhale.
  12. Repeat the respiratory process with the sound 3-5 occasions.
  13. To launch carry your palms off the ground and convey your knees collectively.
  14. Maintain your hand in your knees and calm down in vajrasana.

Newbie’s ideas

  • Whereas attaining the pose unfold the shoulder blades as you throughout the again, as you press your arms to the ground. This can open the chest and assist in lifting the center.
  • Strive its variation by sitting on poses like sukhasana or vajrasana whichever is snug to you.

Observe-up poses

Modifications & Props

  • Yoga block – For those who discover issue in sitting the pose. Place a block beneath your hips and sit merely in vajrasana to carry out simhasana.
  • Chair – Whether it is troublesome so that you can carry out this pose on the ground, training it on the chair is beneficial.


  • Simhasana might be carried out sitting in padmasana.
Simhasana Padmasana
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  • Lion Pose Arms Underneath Legs – It’s also possible to convey variation to simhasana by putting your arms underneath your legs moderately than maintaining them in between knees.
Lion Pose Hands Under Legs
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  • One other variation is as an alternative of being in vajrasana you possibly can steadiness your physique in your toes and putting the arms to the knees the additional steps might be adopted.
  • Simhasana Variation II – Right here, begin with sitting in padmasana. Then switch the body weight to the palms and begin strolling ahead. Stroll ahead till you might be standing in your knees and your palms rotated inward. Then, begin inhaling and exhaling together with your tongue out.

Simhasana Advantages

simhasana benefits
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1. Calms the thoughts

Simhasana helps calm and soothe the thoughts. The roar concerned with the exhalation helps in releasing unfavorable ideas and power. This reduces emotional stress and frustration. It additionally improves temper swings and resilience energy.

2. Delays the growing old results

It entails exercising the facial muscle groups. That is helpful in eradicating wrinkles and tightens the facial pores and skin. It improves the circulation of blood tot he faces offering it a rejuvenating impact.

There’s a scientific examine that proves that together with simhasana into your routine helps in delaying the growing old course of.

3. Prevents dangerous breath

The asana advantages the respiratory tract. It prevents the respiratory tract from any an infection. This ultimately prevents the practitioner to do away with dangerous breath.

4. Improves speech dysfunction

Through the observe of Simhasana (Lion’s Pose), the tongue, throat, and vocal cords are actively engaged, which might be helpful in treating speech issues corresponding to stuttering, stammering, and lisping. This yoga pose additionally aids in growing a transparent and well-toned voice.

5. Soothing results to the eyes

Holding the ultimate place entails fixing the gaze to some extent. This helps in relieving burning sensation within the eyes and lowering eye pressure.

6. Improves digestion

The respiratory concerned within the pose contracts and releases the belly muscle groups. This stimulates the functioning of the digestive system.

7. Prompts the energetic locks

Simhasana helps preserve the practitioner away from illness because it stimulates three main energetic locks of the physique aka Bandhas in yoga. It consists of Mula (root lock), Jalandhara (throat lock), and Uddiyana (belly lock) Bandhas.


As with every yoga pose, it is very important observe Simhasana with consciousness and respect to your physique’s limits. In case you have neck or throat accidents, observe the pose gently or seek the advice of a yoga teacher for modifications. Pregnant girls and people with hypertension ought to keep away from training the roaring breath, substituting it with a silent exhalation.



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