Home Testosterone booster Peter Attia Dietary supplements Checklist | What He Takes Precisely & Why

Peter Attia Dietary supplements Checklist | What He Takes Precisely & Why

Peter Attia Dietary supplements Checklist | What He Takes Precisely & Why


Peter discusses magnesium supplementation on episode 145 of “The Peter Attia Drive”. He states that he normally begins off his sufferers with about 0.4 grams (400mg) of magnesium oxide in the event that they’ve by no means taken any earlier than. 

He himself consumes round 0.4 to 0.5 grams of magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate each day. He normally takes 2 capsules (143 mg every) of magnesium chloride through the day and two capsules of magnesium l-threonate (96 mg every) earlier than mattress. 

He categorizes magnesium in its oxide and citrate types because the poorly absorbed sort. Mentioning that it’s poor absorption will help enhance your bowel operate.

Peter categorizes magnesium into 3 differing types:

1. Poorly Absorbed

These are the Oxide and Citrate types talked about above. These are the bottom of his each day consumption and has stated that these must be the very first thing folks ought to attempt if their bowel actions have slowed down.

Right here is Magnesium Oxide by the model Carlson (talked about above by Peter within the fish oil part).

Right here is Magnesium Citrate by NOW. (200mg, 250 capsules).

2. Nicely Absorbed

Peter says that Magnesium supplementation could cause upset stomachs, for this magnesium Chloride is a greater format. Peter describes it as properly absorbed and recommends it within the type of SlowMag which releases it slowly.

3. Absorbed by the mind

With the intention to cross the blood mind barrier Peter recommends a compound referred to as L-Threonate which primarily binds to the magnesium. On this type it could actually cross the blood mind barrier. Peter has stated he takes 2 capsules of L-Threonate earlier than mattress, which incorporates ~96 mg of elemental Magnesium.

L-Threonate is a patented compound owned by the corporate Magtein, they license it to many complement manufactures so regardless of who you purchase it from the underlying ingredient is identical. Listed here are some choices for you:

  1. Jarrow Formulation, MagMind.
  2. NOW, Magnesium L-Threonate.



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