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Advantages, Suggestions and Approach • Yoga Fundamentals

Advantages, Suggestions and Approach • Yoga Fundamentals


Among the many revered practices on this planet of yoga, pranayama stands tall as a transformative system of controlling the thoughts, physique, and breath. And inside this realm of breath mastery, bahya pranayama shines as one of the crucial superior strategies, cherished by yogis as a robust technique to domesticate and management the circulation of prana or life power inside us. This system encourages us to domesticate the self-discipline and focus essential to carry our breath, focus our thoughts, and management our senses. It teaches us to faucet into our internal power and to belief ourselves within the face of challenges.

What’s Bahya Pranayama?

Bahya pranayama is a complicated yogic breath management method that includes exhaling all of the air out of your lungs and holding your breath out for a time period. In Sanskrit, “Bahya” means exterior or outdoors, and “Pranayama” means breath management or breath mastery, so we are able to translate bahya pranayama as “exterior breath retention mastery.”

Advantages of Bahya Pranayama

By training bahya pranayama, you stimulate and invigorate your belly organs, enhancing the digestion and elimination course of. This promotes a more healthy, happier intestine and helps to heal belly and abdomen ailments. Your belly muscle tissues obtain a rejuvenating exercise with this pranayama, resulting in elevated core power and stability.

This invigorating and strengthening pranayama enhances focus and helps calm an agitated thoughts to scale back anxiousness and stress. It boosts your pranic vitality and has been recognized to control blood strain, selling cardiovascular well being and total well-being.


Bahya is a robust pranayama that may be difficult for novices, so it is suggested that you just study from a professional yoga trainer and by no means power your self to carry your breath for longer than is comfy. This system is cautioned for hernia sufferers, ladies on their menstrual cycle.

Whereas the rewards of bahya pranayama are considerable, it’s essential to method this apply with warning and respect. As a robust pranayama method, it isn’t acceptable for novices and could also be difficult for skilled yogis. We extremely suggest searching for steerage from a professional yoga trainer to make sure you study the right strategies and keep away from any potential dangers.

Moreover, it’s suggested to chorus from training bahya pranayama when you have a hernia, are recovering from a latest belly surgical procedure, are pregnant, or throughout your menstrual cycle. Bahya pranayama shouldn’t be practiced when you have bronchial asthma, unmedicated hypertension, coronary heart illness, glaucoma, or some other medical situations that breath retention could irritate.

In the event you expertise any discomfort or ache throughout this apply, it’s best to instantly cease and search medical consideration. By following these security precautions and contraindications, you possibly can apply bahya pranayama safely and with confidence.

Making ready for the apply

Earlier than starting the apply, it’s important to have a cushty and quiet house the place you possibly can sit and focus. In the event you don’t have a devoted meditation or yoga room, you possibly can create a peaceable ambiance in any house by lighting candles, enjoying enjoyable music, or burning incense.

Chances are you’ll want to start with some easy asanas or postures to heat up the physique and put together it for the respiratory apply. Some good preparatory poses to heat up the backbone and open the chest and lungs embrace CatCow, Seated Spinal Twist, Downward Canine, Cobra, Camel, Upward-Going through Canine, Fish, and Bridge pose. Take just a few deep breaths in every pose, specializing in increasing the chest and inhaling deeply.

You may additionally want to start with some light respiratory workout routines reminiscent of nadi shodhana, anulom vilom or bhramari pranayama to steadiness your vitality and calm the thoughts.

Step-by-step directions for Bahya Pranayama

1. Discover a comfy seated place

Assist your physique with a meditation cushion or different yoga props if wanted. You’ll be able to select Sukhasana (Simple Pose) or Hero pose (Virasana), whichever feels greatest so that you can have your backbone is erect and your physique relaxed. These postures will promote stability and openness, enabling a seamless circulation of vitality.

2. Interact your yogic breath

Start by bringing your consciousness to your breath, taking sluggish and deliberate inhales and exhales. Shut your eyes and really feel the light actions of your physique as you breathe. Take your time, permitting your self to settle into a peaceful and regular rhythm.

3. One spherical of breath of fireside

Apply a spherical of kapalabhati pranayama, often known as cranium shining respiratory method, for about 2-5 minutes. Begin with a deep breath in, after which rapidly exhale the air out of the nostril with a powerful, fast pumping of the stomach. If you’re not conversant in kapalabhati, then apply this pranayama for a number of weeks earlier than continuing additional with the bahya respiratory apply.

4. Bahya kumbhaka with bandhas

As you finishing kapalbhati pranayama, exhale totally and maintain the breath out as you have interaction the three main bandhas. Begin with mula bandha, the foundation lock, by partaking and lifting up the perineum—muscle tissues between the anus and genitals. Subsequent, activating uddiyana bandha by pulling the navel in and up. Lastly, convey your chin in direction of your chest, creating jalandhara bandha or the throat lock. By uniting these three locks, generally known as maha bandha (the good lock), you awaken and channel the very important vitality inside.

Maintain these three bandhas for about 5-10 seconds, permitting your self to totally embody the vitality that arises inside. Throughout this time, it’s essential to look at the sensations of holding of breath. Let your focus be unwavering as you keep on this state of Bahya Pranayama for about 10 seconds or longer, relying in your consolation degree.

Gently launch the bandhas, beginning with the chin, then the belly muscle tissues, and at last, the muscle tissues on the anus. Let your head and backbone return to an upright place.

5. Return to deep respiratory

After you launch the bandhas, do your greatest to take a sluggish, managed, deep inhale, adopted by a sluggish exhale. Repeat these sluggish deep breaths 3-4 occasions to organize to apply further rounds of kapalabhati pranayama adopted by kumbhaka with maha bandha.

6. Repeat

Repeat the above course of for about for 4-5 minutes. Over time, work on progressively rising the period of the kumbhaka with bandhas and improve the time to 5-7 minutes or longer.

7. Calm down and combine

Lastly, the apply must be concluded with some rest strategies, reminiscent of Shavasana, to permit the physique and thoughts to totally combine the advantages of the apply. Discover a comfy place that permits your physique to unwind and rejuvenate, permitting your breath to return to its pure rhythm. Embrace the silence inside and savor the tranquility that this apply has bestowed upon you.

Superior apply

For these searching for an added problem, contemplate incorporating agnisar kriya into your bahya pranayama apply. You’ll be able to add this kriya between kapalabhati and maha bandha, or add it after maha bandha. This system boosts the digestive system, stimulates metabolism, and strengthens and tones the belly muscle tissues.

To carry out agnisar kriya, have interaction bahya kumbhaka whereas drawing the navel in and up in direction of the backbone, then releasing the contraction and permitting the stomach to loosen up totally. Shortly repeat this contraction and launch of the stomach a number of occasions, earlier than releasing the kumbhaka. Then take just a few deep, calming breaths to combine the fiery cleaning motion of this system.

Apply suggestions

  • All the time carry out bahya pranayama on an empty abdomen. Consuming earlier than the apply may cause discomfort and doubtlessly result in nausea or vomiting.
  • Keep away from any forceful or strained exhalations through the apply, as this may result in dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Keep a relaxed and calm frame of mind through the apply, avoiding any pointless rigidity or stress.
  • Regularly improve the period and depth of your apply over time, relatively than pushing your self too exhausting too rapidly.
  • Put on comfy clothes that permits for unrestricted respiratory is really useful.
  • Whether or not you’re a newbie or a complicated practitioner, it’s essential to take heed to your physique, modify the apply accordingly, and search steerage from a professional trainer if wanted.


For novices, modifications reminiscent of shorter rounds, utilizing a chair or wall for assist, and specializing in the exhalation relatively than the inhalation can assist make the apply extra accessible. It’s essential to begin with a sluggish and regular tempo, taking deep breaths out and in, and progressively constructing as much as longer and extra intense rounds.

For superior practitioners, the main focus can shift to rising the variety of rounds, holding the breath for longer intervals of time, utilizing bhastrika pranayama as a substitute of kapalabhati, and incorporate kevala kumbhaka into the sequence.

Last ideas

On this planet of yoga, the journey in direction of self-realization will not be all the time simple. It requires dedication, dedication, and a willingness to discover the unknown. However with bahya pranayama as your information, you’ll discover the power and braveness to face these challenges head-on. With every breath, you’ll domesticate a deep sense of calm and readability, permitting you to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace, internal knowledge and resilience.

Enable this historical apply to deepen your reference to your self and nurture the flame of your internal power. Via bahya pranayama, you’ll discover the keys to unlock your true potential and embrace the yogic path with grace and serenity. With common apply, you possibly can domesticate a deeper connection together with your breath, unlock the hidden potential inside, and expertise a profound sense of well-being and internal peace.



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